IMC Rating

The IMC (Instrument Meteorological Conditions) Rating is a national rating that can be added to a UK issued pilot licence. It is designed to enhance the privileges and instrument flying skills of a PPL holder that will enable a pilot to fly in weather conditions below the minimum requirements for a basic PPL holder.

Prior to the issue of your IMC rating you should be able to demonstrate logbook evidence of at least 25 hours as PIC of aeroplanes after the issue of your PPL of which 5 hours must be on cross country (navigation) flights.

The flight training consists of:

  • 15 Hours of training in the aircraft of which a minimum of 10 hours must be by sole reference to instruments.

There is a ground examination for the IMC Rating which includes questions on the planning and execution of a typical flight under instrument flight rules (IFR). The exam must be completed within 12 months and the flight test within 9 months preceding the date of application for the rating.