Light Aircraft Pilot Licence

The Light Aircraft Pilot Licence (LAPL) is an alternative to the PPL.

There is very little difference between the LAPL and the PPL.

It allows the holder to fly a single engine aircraft of up to 2000kgs, with up to 3 passengers.

It differs to the EASA PPL in that it requires a lesser minimum of 35 hours (rather than 45 hours) flight training, and the medical requirements are not as stringent as the EASA PPL.

Unlike the EASA PPL, you cannot add Night or Instrument ratings to the licence after completion. However, you can count 35 hours of LAPL training time towards the EASA PPL, should you wish to do this at a later date.

The course requires a minimum of 35 hours of training; this is carried out in two parts:

  1. No less than 15 hours is to be dual instruction.
  2. No less than 6 hours is to be solo flying, this must include at least three hours of solo cross-country time.

Nine written exams have to be taken (exactly the same as the EASA PPL). We can arrange this with via preferred examiner.

The nine exams are as follows:

  1. Air Law
  2. Operational Procedures
  3. Human Performance & Limitations
  4. Meteorology
  5. Navigation
  6. Communications
  7. Principles of Flight
  8. Aircraft General Knowledge
  9. Flight Performance & Planning

There is also a practical Radiotelephony examination (RT) to be taken.

Upon completion of the course, and in order to obtain the LAPL, the student has to complete a practical Flight test.

More details are available on the LAPL on the CAA website.

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