Introductory Flights

Your first step towards learning to fly would usually be your Introductory Flight. These air experience flights also make excellent gifts for such occasions as birthdays, Christmas, Valentines day etc. Whatever the reason for your trial flight, we aim to make it the most enjoyable experience possible and would hope to encourage your interest in learning to fly.

At Glasgow Flying Club (Find Us) not only do you have the chance to experience flying an aeroplane, but as an added bonus you get to fly from the same runway as the large passenger jets bound for various worldwide destinations.

Our location is easily accessible from West & Central Scotland yet we're only ten minutes away from some of the most attractive scenery in the world. Your Introductory Flight will probably involve you flying over Loch Lomond, or perhaps out to the West towards Dunoon or Rothesay.

Also, once you decide to become a pilot the flight time can then be logged in your flying log book and will count towards the minimum number of hours required to gain a license.

At Glasgow Flying Club we now sell three types of Introductory Flights Vouchers:

These will be flown in one of our training aircraft. Please see our Online Shop for our full variety of vouchers.

To purchase an Introductory Flight Voucher please contact us either by visiting our Online Shop, phoning 0141-889-4565, or contact us via our Contact Page.

Please note!

Please note vouchers are valid for 6 months from date of purchase.

If you do weigh more than 12 stone then you may have to upgrade to one of our four seat aircraft due to weight and balance restrictions.

The minimum age to fly our aircraft on a trial flight is 14 years.

All flying is subject to the suitability of the weather and aircraft serviceability.